DATE: 25.07.2019

TIME: 18.00

There are lots of concepts and keywords about Artificial Intelligence: ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Learning Algorithm’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Neural Nets’, ‘Deep Learning’, etc.  But what do all those words mean? As architects, do we know the conceptual model of Artificial Intelligence?

 Conceptual model which is a term coined by Don Norman, means a knowledge that is essential in order to use a technology (Domingos, 2015). To be able to use AI topics in Architecture field, we should know at least the conceptual model of the artificial intelligence. Quatation from Charles Eames’ letter to Ian McCallum explains the importance of architects awareness of the new technology: “The buildings and communities of the near future will be planned with the aid of some development of these theories (new technologies). Whether or not they are planned by architects may pretty well depend on the way architects today prepare to use such tools” (Lai, 1999).