Penda, Co-founder

Studio Precht, Co-founder



1.What's the idea that's obsessing you now ?

With all the ‘smartness’ that enters our cities, with all the new technologies, the data collection and new informations, how can we bring a level of consciousness back to our cities. Yes, we will know more in the city of the future, but how can we feel more?

Currently in China, there is the test to bring the ‘smart, connected city’ to the rural areas, so people don’t move from the countryside to the cities. But I think we also need to ask the question from the opposite perspective: ‘how can we bring the quality from the countryside to the cities?’ Fresh air, close to nature, being in a community, being bored from time to time. Human qualities that we shouldn’t lose in the process of creating a perfect and efficient environment.

2.What would you like to create next ?

A child :)

3.Where do you go for inspiration ?

To the mountains behind our studio. Not necessarily for inspiration, but to take my head for a walk. As architects we mostly live in a fictional world. We think about a future that doesn’t exist yet. For most of the time, our buildings live as a fiction in our head. Going to the mountains puts me back to reality. Fully connected to the moment, to my feelings and to my senses. Connecting both, the fiction and the reality, are important for a healthy, creative mind. Inspiration comes in a state of balance.

4.What is your favorite everyday object ?

We just finished construction on our new studio. I think that’s my favorite object I currently use.

5.What’s the last book that inspired you ?

Sapiens by Harari. It’s so important to step outside of our narrow viewpoint. We all are connected. We all share the same story, the same ancestors and the same planet. That makes the fighting for artificial borders and exploitation of our environment so stupid and short-sighted. Sometimes we need a broader perspective on us to see what collective idiots we are.