Dolac Bridge

    Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegova


    Banja Luka City Council


    520 m


    Melike Altınışık

    Tan Akıncı, Özge Tunalı,Şeyma Özübek, Altan Yılmaz

    Erk Solmaz, Daniel Fernandez, Şeyma Özgen



Dolac Bridge will define a natural means of communication with the potential of combining city transformations in Banja Luka. In order to fully grasp the entity of the city variety of investigations through the existing morphological and structural elements defines the formation of its design. Urban and local scale proposals of the design  all feed into and support the main concept. The Bridge has a rthym of vertical elements which has several properties that integrates itself into the environment with its forest like  light structure. This design dialogue creates  the relationship between fortress Kastel and the Dolac Bridge as a Veduta of the future to define the identity of this ambience in which these two characters meet. The bridge will create a harmony as an expression of a cultural continuity in 

the symbiosis between the historical heritage and contemporary.

Dolac Bridge combines its form and structure, offers  a complete concept to obtain coherency  between plan and sections, and harmonizes the bridge elevations with its own landscape. During the journey in, on and under  the Highscape, it will mark a memorable moment along the route between city’s exit to the riversides.

Moreover, the design of the bridge will be equipped with facilities which will have a siginificant impact on the quality of the movement in the modern city by  becoming a popular public space which makes the Highscape as the termination point at Banja Luka.  


The presence of the bridge determines an open and semi open public areas by its structure, design and organization of the landscape elements under the bridge. Pedestrian and cycling paths are connecting to the urban pathway with fluid landscape design which is also creating a unique skate park under the bridge.

The  open public space under the bridge


and its connections with the fortress Kastel is envisioned to act as an Urban Lobby which integrates recreational, cultural, and sports-related facilities with an emphasis on natural life and ecologies. These multiple focal areas are connected to each other via various circulation routes which are characterized by a fluid, continuous design approach as part of the city nature.



Dolac Bridge will orchestrate of different speeds of movements of motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians across the bridge and in the riverside zone in the immediate surrounding.Pedestrian and Cycling movement of the brdige will redefine an ‘Urban Pathway’. Every pathway orientates  space.

Dolac Bridge will be a powerful place that changes us. We dont pass through it unchanged, the one who leaves the office in the evening is not the same as the one who arrived in the morning. 


You pass through it both directions.

It creates the imagination of one way trip each time you pass through it. It touches the sensation of users by being in the Bridge, on the Bridge and under  the Bridge…

It creates visual effect, it creates repititon, it slows, it accelaretes, it alters the movement of people by its design formation. It generates a meaning to public as an Urban Pathway. 


This spatial landscape will act as a place for stopping, resting,  gathering , a roof for the cultural life of the riverside with Vista points and especially with this skatepark. Landscape design is inspired by the meaning of ‘banja’ to create spalike landscape leveling.


The bridge integrates itself into the environment with its light column structure with minimum carbon emission and generates its own energy to illuminate itself with wind turbines , photovoltaic panels and water turbines which are integrated to bridge’s column structure.


The Bridge has a rhytm of vertical elements which also have several properties in the terms of sustainability and structure. The bridge is connecting two sides of river by horizontal movement which is created by vertical elements which serves to the city as landmark as lighting installation and as green power source.

Bridge’s own unique structure duplicates itself with water reflection.Different  kinds of lighting design

Stars: Local point lighting

Barcodes / Blurring Boundries : Linear lighting