DATE: 24.05.2021


HOLOGRA-MAA LIVE TOUR with Melih Altınışık in Palazzo Bemmo, Venice.

MAA exhibit ‘HOLOGRA-MAA’ in the fifth edition of the European Cultural Center’s (ECC) in parallel with Biennale Architettura on May 22nd, 2021, and it will run six months until November 21st, 2021 at Palazzo Bembo in Venice.

At @ecc_italy #TimeSpaceExistence2021 Architecture Biennale exhibition 2021 in Venice.

In the exhibition the visitors will be seeing the time, space and existence stories of MAA’s futuristic 369-meter-high Istanbul TV & Radio Tower in Istanbul and the first pioneering Robot and AI Museum in Seoul, South Korea as well as exploring conceptual video and sound installation creating holographic spaces inside glass pyramids with “Hologra-MAA”. In addition, the exhibition includes ‘fine print’ photographs, project models designed with 3D printing technologies.

You can watch it on MAA INSTA LIVE