Melike Altınışık Architects - MAA is a leading international architecture practice with offices based in Istanbul, Turkey and Seoul, South Korea. We are dedicated to developing innovative and visionary projects on different scales ranges from architecture and urban design to interiors as well as installations and product design.

We create space with the dialogue in between "nature - technology - human". We draw inspiration from a wide range of sources not traditionally associated with architecture, such as organic and natural systems. We design unique spaces that establish a dialogue within the city through the contemporary design characters and we shape the future. In fact, the aim of each our architectural projects are to bring new experiences to people by using “light, nature and space” as a design tool which creates surprise encounters that actively contribute to daily life and social interactions. 

MAA’s architectural approach which starts on a “white blank page” aims designing all process from the beginning of the design, till when the design meets the users to develop a sustainable revolution within the architectural pedagogy. In this context, we transform smart technological tools into important actors that produce with us in the process, and thus to expand the contextual thinking boundaries of architecture.

All our projects in the MAA portfolio create part of a long-term design agenda. MAA has participated in various national, international, and invited archi­tectural competitions, exhibitions, and publications. MAA’s work include prize winning projects with advanced technology and innovation such as futuristic 369m tall Istanbul TV and Radio Tower in Turkey and world’s first pioneer Seoul Robot & AI Museum in South Korea.